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We believe everyone should be able to follow their passion to work in the care sector, regardless of where they have come from or barriers preventing them from doing so. We promise to work as hard as you to support you to achieve your goals, no matter how long that takes. Seeing our students succeed and thrive, especially when faced with big life challenges, is the ultimate rewardensuring the very best in care.

At EM Academy & Consultancy, we are passionate about collaborating with job service providers and helping job seekers to reach their training and employment goals. 

Either the job seeker is long term unemployed, has a disability, is a return to work participant, needs to be retrained or supported to complete a training program, we will be here for them. Our aim is to provide them with a safe and supportive environment where they are feel supported and nurtured.

JOB SERVICE PROVIDERS -EM Academy & Consultancy


Our range of full nationally accredited qualifications will give students the best skills and training to enter the care sector or upskill and advance their careers.

Our Pre Employment Programs are a mix of nationally accredited and non-accredited training short programs which are designed to provide students with the skills

Our nationally accredited skill set & short courses s provide students with topic-specific training to upskill and support specific employment outcomes.

Our range of nationally accredited and non accredited mandatory workplace training courses are generally a prerequisite to employment often need to be completed annually to maintain employment.

We facilitate work placements for current students and can also help those who have completed their theory coursework but have not yet managed to undertake a work placement.

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Some job seekers struggle to gain employment and lack the confidence to take the next step. We can create customised training programs, including pre-employment programs, additional training, short courses, and specific skill set training to give your clients the additional skills needed to succeed.

Contact us on 0413 896 905,  or via the contact us form HERE to chat more



Our team are industry experts that actively work in the care sector and bring a wealth of experience and industry connections. We have built strong relationships within the care industry and have helped multiple job service providers and job seekers to train, find work placements and full-time job opportunities. 


We understand that some job seekers face barriers in completing training and finding employment. We work collaboratively with the job service providers to develop individualised training programs that help clients achieve specific goals.


We offer full-time, part-time, nationally accredited and non-accredited, full qualifications or shorter courses designed in conjunction with employers to help fast track job seekers into employment whilst ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge.


Not only do we organise and facilitate work placements with care providers, but our established network means we can connect students with employers through interviews conducted at the end of their course/qualification.


We have an over 90% course completion rate, with 80% of our students finding employment and rewarding careers in the care industry. 

We would love to meet with you and your team to explore how we can work together. Contact us on 0413 896 905, or via the contact us form HERE to chat more and arrange a meeting time.

Our Happy Job Service Providers!

I work generally in the return to work space meaning working with injured workers. When working in this space I often require flexibility and sensitivity from a training provider as people come in with all manner of specific needs. EMAC have shown time and time again that they are able to meet and exceed my requirements.



The staff at EMAC have been very professional to work with, always communicate well and have been amazing at supporting our clients through both the Training and Employment aspects of each course we have referred to.

For our clients that have needed extra support outside of training…

Dani B

Business Development Consultant – Job Prospects

The team at EMAC has become an extension of my business. They understand the industry, my business priorities and the importance we place on providing quality care and exceptional service. We rely on them to provide training to all our new support staff, upskill and deliver mandatory training to …….

Annmarie B

Founder and Director - All Areas Care & Support

Our Happy Students!

I was also encouraged to attend the recent Disability, Ageing and Lifestyle Expo, which I found informative and worthwhile. EM Academy has also linked me up with some potential employment possibilities and I hope to be successful in that regard.



The team at EMAC we’re so supportive through the whole process from the training and education to helping me gain employment (Resthaven, Help At Home)I am now loving my new career ! I would strongly recommend EMAC to anyone

Wayne L


I have done a couple courses through EMAC, one was infection control which was very detailed and they ensured everyone understood the course thoroughly before concluding, and the other was Manual Handling. This was hands on which I feel is necessary

Amber D


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